Chinese Acupressure massage concentrates on applying pressure to specific acupuncture points in order to achieve specific systemic changes in the body. Different forms of pressure are applied depending on whether the aim is to adjust, to reduce, or to achieve a more neutral, calming effect. The choice of points is based on the same type of differential diagnosis that is in acupuncture treatment.




We also sale some healthy products:

1. Quality Massagers. The most popular one is the Dolphine Massager. It is easy to carry and can be put on any part of body for relaxing massage by yourself. It gives you vey comfortable kneading. Sale Price: AU$48.99


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Neck & Shoulder Massage ------------------- $20--20mins

Head Massage ------------------------------ $10--10mins

Shoulder Massage -------------------------- $15--15mins

Leg Massage ------------------------------- $30--30mins

Back Massage ------------------------------ $30--30mins

Back & Legs Massage ----------------------- $50--50mins

Feet Massage ------------------------------ $40--35mins


Neck,Shoulder & Head Massage -------------- $30--30mins

Neck,Shoulder,Arm & Hands Massage --------- $30--30mins

Neck,Shoulder & Back Massage -------------- $40--40mins

Neck,Shoulder,Head & Back Massage --------- $50--50mins

Neck,Shoulder,Back & Legs Massage --------- $50--50mins

Neck,Shoulder,Head,Arms & Back Massage ---- $55--55mins

Whole Body Massage ------------------------ $60--60mins

Plus $10-20 if apply oil for above services (deep tissue)

Special Treatment

Stiff Neck ---------------------------------------------- $40

Sciatica ------------------------------------------------ $60

Frozen Shoulder ----------------------------------------- $60

Tennis Elbow -------------------------------------------- $60

Feet Spa & Reflexology ---------------------------------- $50

Relaxed Massage ----------------------$69--60mins\$40--30mins

Sporting Massage ----------------------------- $50--45MINS

Remedial Treatment incl consultant----------$70-one session

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